Even in today’s era of increased awareness, chasing those elusive SEO results can sometimes cause businesses to try and take shortcuts in SEO. Getting to the top of the SERPs is not a quick or even easy process. True results take time, effort, and a large amount of planning.

Taking shortcuts to increase your SEO campaign results might seem like a good idea at the time, but all it ultimately does is put you at risk of losing any ranking you already have, being banned or being penalised in some other way that damages your brand.

The Worst Strategies for Boosting SEO Results

While just about every Black Hat SEO strategy should be avoided at all costs, some strategies are worse than others. Some of the riskiest strategies that can certainly not only affect your SEO results but also your reputation and ranking include the following:

1. Duplicate content

Whether you have accidentally created a new duplicate page without removing or rewriting the original source or you are deliberately duplicating pages in order to try and force results, search engines are coming down heavily on this practice. Duplicate content can end up doing far more harm than you realise, leading to dropping rankings that could make it impossible to be found online. It is never worth the risk. Instead, aim to create unique content that adds genuine value to your readers.

2. Keyword stuffing

Another practice that shows no sign of losing favour is keyword stuffing. When the internet first began its journey, this practice was considered a quick fix to rise in the SERPs. As SEO began to evolve, with algorithms getting stricter and quality taking a more extensive role, search engines began to penalise any website that appeared to be trying to force results. Keyword stuffing makes your content look bad, too. This ends up doing far more harm than good, especially if you are trying to grow your brand reputation online.

3. Comment spamming

This is often considered to be a simple way to reach a wide audience. In theory, you are targeting people who are reading similar blog posts or social media stories, so it should be fine to leave comments trying to get people to your website, right? As nice as the idea sounds, all it does is annoy people, who are likely to report you to the social platform in question. Commenting in a way that is helpful, genuine, and authentic is one thing. Commenting purely to push links and try and lure people to your website is a whole other ball game entirely.

Rather than taking any of these risks to grow your SEO ranking, aim to get realistic about your approach. When you follow a strategy that is rooted in best practice steps and genuine growth, you will start to see SEO results, even if it does not happen overnight.

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