Whether you have recently attempted a digital marketing audit or you have one planned for the year ahead, there is no doubt that audits offer a hugely valuable tool. Audits offer key insight into what you are doing and how you can improve your strategies across the board.

Done right, audits have the power to minimise wasted time and money, fine-tune your digital strategies and even improve your sales and conversion. To help you get the most from your digital marketing audit, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Getting More From Your Digital Marketing Audit

Which digital marketing audit mistakes end up doing far more harm than you realise? The best way to ensure that your audit truly adds value is to first know what not to do. The following mistakes may just negate any benefits offered by the audit.

Not having clear goals

You don’t have to have only one single goal or have a very complicated goal. What you do need to have, however, is a clearly defined goal or few that guides the entire process. If you are winging it without knowing what you should be looking for, the audit will end up wasting time and resources. The only way that you can make improvements is to first know what to measure. You may focus on traffic or conversion. You may look at why your content is not performing or why your social media efforts are not getting you anywhere. Whatever your primary goals may be, make sure that they are clearly defined.

Focusing on the wrong metrics

Another mistake that is made frequently is looking at the wrong metrics. Many businesses assume that traffic is the be all and end all of any digital campaign. While traffic certain forms part of the picture, it is in no way the most important metric. If your campaigns are highly targeted, you could have a relatively low monthly traffic to your website, with a high conversion rate. On the other end of the spectrum, you could have very high monthly traffic with a low conversion rate if your campaigns are far too generic. Having a clear idea of the metrics that truly reflect your challenges and success is essential. This is the best way to get critical insight into what is working and what is not.

Using an outdated system

It’s also worth noting that not every system will be effective for digital audits. Some businesses assume that a manual based system involving spreadsheets, hours spent on websites and a very careful eye is the same as an automated system. Others have extremely complicated systems in place that were not designed to adapt to the changing digital space. Working with an experienced digital agency who is able to conduct a comprehensive audit using the most effective tools is the best way to get accurate data that will genuinely help you grow.

Put some thought into your digital marketing audit and you’ll soon see the value of this powerful tool.

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