While you may not think that social media offers much use for lead generation, this platform can be a fantastic tool for targeted leads that are nurtured holistically in a way that drives trust and conversion. The trick comes down to knowing how to use both platforms together.

Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Whether you are aiming to nurture quality leads for business or you are kicking off your first nurturing campaign, social media offers a great way to separate the genuine leads from those that don’t have much chance of converting. Keep reading to find out how to use social media to improve your nurturing efforts.

Using social media for lead generation comes down to growing a following in a way that builds trust, increases engagement, targeted your audience uniquely, and results in a well-rounded nurturing strategy. Here’s how to get started.

Build trust

Social media, by its very nature, is all about trust, and trust is essential for any lead nurturing campaign. When you see your social pages as a platform to promote your goods every opportunity you get, you run the risk of losing that potential to build trust. Instead of seeing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other channels as a place to shamelessly plug your business, aim to see it as a space to grow a loyal following. Create unique content that is targeted to your specific audience. Be visible. Respond to comments, messages and enquiries. Show your followers that you genuinely value their support.

Engage followers

If you are not engaging users on your social posts in general, you will battle to see any rewards from your nurturing efforts. Engagement needs to happen BEFORE you begin any nurturing campaign. Once you start creating content that is designed to get followers onto your funnels – exclusive free downloads, information guides, videos or mini-strategies – make sure that you respond quickly to every comment. Listen to what followers have to say. Like comments and respond with your own comment, even if it is just a quick thank you.

Aim for an integrated strategy

Finally, it’s also worth noting that the best way to use social media within your nurturing strategy is to aim for an integrated, cross-channel strategy that also uses email, mobile, blog, and other channels. A diverse, well-rounded funnel will always give you the best results. When you create unique content for each channel and use tools such as lead scoring, lead magnets, buyer personas, lead profiles, and segmentation, you will see the results that add genuine value to your efforts.

With a bit of bigger picture thinking and a well-rounded strategy, you will soon see just how much value social media can offer to your lead generation efforts.

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