Done right, landing pages can be powerful for lead generation. But, simply having a website page and expecting it to bring in leads is not going to work. Instead, you need to ensure that your landing page is optimised to attract and convert leads in the most effective way. For this to happen, you need to put a lot of thought into the design, layout, copy, headlines, calls to action, and various other elements within your landing page. 

In this guide, we take a look at some of the ways that you can optimise your landing pages to get more results from your lead generation campaigns. 

Optimising Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Landing page conversion plays a vital role in any lead generation strategy. You could think of landing pages as a make-or-break factor. When leads first arrive on your page, they have just a few seconds to decide whether to stay on the page and enter their details on your form or leave without taking further action. A carefully planned landing page can be the difference between lost leads and converted leads. Keep reading to find out how to optimise your landing pages to get the best chance of a conversion

Keep your sales funnel in mind

Before you do anything else, stop to consider your current sales funnel. For most online businesses, the goal of any type of marketing campaign is to qualify leads, convert customers and drive sales. If you are battling to convert leads and you have a goal to increase the number of leads in your funnel, you might focus on bringing more people to your website and you may also look at improving the conversion rate for leads that arrive on your website. 

In many cases, it is simpler and more cost-effective to convert leads once they have arrived on your website. This will mean that even if you do not have as many people visiting your website, you will have a far better chance of converting leads. Focusing on the middle of the funnel rather than the top of the funnel can be a good way to convert more traffic that you already have to your website.

Make your offer clear

The next step is to make your lead generation offer as clear as possible. Think carefully about your primary offer and your USP, then think about how you can make this offer clear across all of your copy, headlines, and CTAs.

Think about how you can trigger positive emotions in your leads. This will make it far easier to plan your optimisation strategy with that goal in mind. Do you want leads to feel appreciated? Excited? Smart? Happy? Inspired? Think about what your customers want, think about the things that your customers want and then use that to create landing pages that are aligned closely within that goal. This will ensure that your offer is crystal clear.

Use an action headline

On the topic of headlines, these need to be carefully thought out, too. A good landing page will have a headline that quickly and effectively showcases the primary benefits of your offer. Action headlines are the best way to clearly highlight your key offer. You could use numerical headlines such as statistics or demonstration of value. A headline that outlines the key focus of the page is especially important because many visitors to the page will not read much once they read the header. In other words, you need to get attention right away if you want to convert.

Take a good look at your headline and check that it introduces your offer clearly in a way that is not confusing or distracting. Make sure your value proposition is included in the headline. Test your headline to fine-tune and find the version that has the most impact.

Keep important information above the fold

If you use heat mapping or similar tools, you will soon see that the average website visitor looks at the headline and other information at the top of the page, then scrolls down to the bottom of the page. Above the fold lead nurturing content is all information that can be seen without having to scroll. You could think of it as the front page of a newspaper that makes people want to read more. 

Keeping your most important information above the fold is the best way to ensure that your primary message is not missed when people scroll past or don’t read below the fold. Try using a scroll map to see the location of the fold on mobile and tablet devices – this will make it easier to plan your page so that you can include your header, intro and call to action above the fold.

Refine your calls to action

While we’re talking about calls to action, these are an integral part of lead generation landing pages, too. In fact, CTAs could easily be one of the most important elements on the page. This is the button or link that entices people to click, purchase, download or send an enquiry. If you are not making use of this, you are missing out on a huge chance to drive conversion. 

Make sure that your CTAs are relevant to your offer and to any ad, social media post or listing that may have brought leads to your landing page. For example, if you put out an ad for a free webinar on healthy living, you will not have much hope of conversion if your calls to action refer to paid or reduced price webinars. Ideally, to avoid confusion and keep your message ultra-targeted, using a single CTA is best. You can use the same CTA throughout your landing page. Using multiple calls to action can end up diluting your message – especially if they are very different. Once again, testing is a great way to see which calls to action work better than others.

Perfect your lead forms

Another important element on your lead nurturing landing pages is lead forms. These forms act as the final step before leads convert. If you plan your forms properly, you will get more people to fill them out. It really is that simple. 

To get the most from your lead forms, ask only for the most basic information – email, phone number and name. Use buttons and checkboxes for yes and no type responses. Include some sort of benefit to leads on why they should enter their information, such as a free download, trial or e-book. Optimise your forms for all devices and don’t forget to test your forms to determine whether they are working. 

Test your landing pages

While we’re on the topic of testing, it goes without saying that all areas of your landing page should be tested. Split testing is a good way to test various elements, from headlines to copy, images, forms, CTAs, and even layout. Testing can help to increase conversion significantly by identifying what is working and what needs improving. 

You could test according to your audience segment or look at other testing strategies. Once you begin testing, it will become far easier to know how best to enhance your landing pages. This, in turn, will make it easier to see genuine results from your landing pages. 

Lead Generation Landing Page Optimisation

We hope that these landing page optimisation tips make it possible for you to get more from your lead pages. Along with a multi-channel lead nurturing strategy, landing pages play an important role in helping you attract and convert leads. Once your landing pages are primed for conversion, you will start to see a difference in your lead generation results. 

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