Offering a powerful way for ecommerce marketing as well as lead generation, landing pages are used to drive targeted conversion with a single purpose. Whether you are promoting a new product range through online advertising or you are enticing new customers with a limited-time discount, landing pages allow you to focus on your primary message with no distractions.

There are a few types of landing pages, each with a different focus and approach. Keep reading to find out how each type can be used to increase your ecommerce marketing results.

Best Landing Pages for Ecommerce Marketing Results

Ultimately, the type of landing page you use will come down to your goals for the page. Are you encouraging existing customers to increase their spend? Are you attracting new customers? Are you directing attention to new products or showcasing best-selling products? Depending on your objective, there are several types of ecommerce marketing landing pages to consider.

1. Video demonstrations

Unlike brick and mortar stores that allow customers to look, feel, and try on products in person, online stores have to rely on images, descriptions, and video to give customers a comprehensive view of what they are buying. Video is an especially useful method, thanks to its ability to give a complete representation of the product.

Showcasing how products can be used allows customers to ‘see’ the product more realistically than an image that gives a one-dimensional picture of the product. Using a well-crafted video to demonstrate your core product will be particularly useful during the decision-making stage of the purchasing process, where customers are deciding whether to complete their purchase.

2. Limited-time offers

Limited-time or once-off offers are time-sensitive, creating a sense of urgency. These can come in the form of a limited discount with a set time frame, using a count-down timer for added effect or in the form of a one-time discount that offers a percentage off the customer’s first purchase. Some offers even use count-down timers for offers to be claimed and first purchases to be made.

As effective as it can be, creating urgency requires a balance between genuine value and realistic time-frames. Although a count-down timer may work well in some situations, it might not have the same effect for higher-value items that typically have a longer decision-making process.

3. Seasonal offers

These landing pages are popular across all types of online stores. Holiday marketing is, in itself, a growing strategy within ecommerce. Using holidays and special events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the change of seasons, Valentine’s Day, back-to-school, and various other events is a great way to promote products and product ranges. Customer anniversaries can also be extremely effective for annual offers.

The trick here is to make sure that you are not simply jumping on the bandwagon. Stores that do not typically sell products for children would not see conversion for back-to-school promotions. Make sure that your offers are tailored to your target audience and don’t forget the importance of using personas for your landing pages.

4. Pre-orders

Coming soon landing pages help to build hype and encourage early-bird purchases. These can go hand-in-hand with limited-time offers on pre-orders as well as sneak-peek video demonstrations. With this type of landing page, you can count down the launch of new products, new ranges, new categories or even a brand new store.

To make this type of page work to its full advantage, increase the hype through interactive features and a multi-channel approach. Use mobile marketing to promote exclusive giveaways. Use social media to get people talking. Use lead forms and emails to keep people up to date on the upcoming launch.

Boost Your Ecommerce Marketing Efforts

For best results, make sure to keep your landing pages simple and on-point. Avoid navigation and other distractions, include relevant, targeted CTAs, don’t forget to add lead forms, and keep design streamlined. Once you have perfected your landing pages, you will soon see the benefit they add to your ecommerce marketing strategy.

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