In our current times, there is no doubt that ecommerce marketing has become essential for retailers of all sizes. Many stores are moving away from a traditional in-person store in favour of online stores, while others are taking a ‘click and mortar’ approach, combining online and offline shopping. While this is good news for the market as a whole, it will impact existing online stores through a large increase in competition.

How can you ensure that you keep up with the competition as an existing etailer and how can you fine-tune your ecommerce marketing to stay ahead in what is sure to be a crowded market? Let’s take a look.

Ecommerce Marketing and COVID-19 Competition

One of the things that existing online stores have in their favour is an established following and an established presence online. In the case of the latter, this means having a solid digital footprint, with traffic already coming to the store, social media channels that are already driving sales, and email marketing lists that are (hopefully) already growing. With that said, the demand for online products will lead to a high volume of searches as shoppers look for stores that are able to provide what they are seeking. This makes ecommerce marketing something that you can no longer afford to take for granted.

Some of the ways that you can ensure that your strategies keep ahead of the budding competition include the following:

Ramp up your customer service

This is something that should be your top priority at all times – pandemic or not. But now more than ever is the time to show current and new customers that you are fully committed to meeting their needs. Think above and beyond and consider all possible ways that you can provide the best possible level of service. You could look at exclusive deals for new customers, pre-launch shopping for loyal customers, free delivery during the lockdown, a simpler return policy, dedicated 24-hour live chat, flash sales, and any other strategy that will encourage shoppers to keep coming back to a store that they know and trust.

Take a multi-channel approach

As we mentioned above, one of the upsides to having an established digital presence is that you do not need to start from scratch. If you have a Facebook account that has been slowly growing followers, even though you do not update it much, now is the time to start ramping up your campaigns. Likewise, if you have an email list and you are not using it, now is the time to start providing your list with high-value content. Put more focus into every channel you are currently using, and look at ways that you can create a seamless experience across all channels.

Invest in a reporting dashboard

The most effective way to monitor and measure your growth, month-on-month is reporting. You already have a following. Now you need to grow that following and, just as importantly, retain customers that are already supporting your business. In order to plan your campaigns and develop a strategy to continue to outshine your competition, you will need to start with accurate data. Investing in a comprehensive ecommence marketing dashboard will allow you to track data in real-time to see where you can improve throughout your campaigns.

Boosting Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a small store selling niche products to a smaller audience or a larger store with a broader product range, staying ahead of new competition is vital to ensure that you can continue to bring in sales. Taking a closer look at your current ecommerce marketing strategies is the best way to thrive even in a saturated market.

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