If you haven’t already begun thinking ahead with your lead generation plans, now is the time to do so. Although it is hard to say how long the effects of COVID-19 and lockdown will last, let alone what the impacts will be on a global scale, it is essential to start thinking forward. This is the best way to ensure that you can reach customers now and beyond.

In this guide, we will be sharing some of the most important steps in creating your post-COVID-19 lead generation and nurturing plans underway.

Developing a Post-COVID-19 Lead Generation Plan

Some of the ways that you can begin getting your lead generation strategies in place to move forward after lockdown starts to ease include the following:

Take another look at your audience

Audience re-targeting is a highly important step to take at this point. Your target customers have dealt with major changes during lockdown. Many will not have the same needs they did before the pandemic hit. Assuming that they will want the same things and even use the same channels is a mistake that could cost you in the long-term. Rather than taking that risk, make sure that you re-target and re-evaluate your audience to see who you are trying to reach right now.

Embrace human-centred marketing

Human-centred marketing is the way of the future. If the pandemic has taught is anything, it is the importance of empathy in marketing. Brands can no longer afford to treat leads like numbers. Instead of marketing at people, we need to market to people. That means seeing leads as people. It also means planning campaigns that are rooted in empathy, so that you can drive loyalty, increase trust and ultimately grow your reputation.

Aim to adapt and grow

Agility is another thing that you will need to embrace. Brands that have not been able to adapt to the new environment will struggle to reach leads when lockdown begins to ease. Rather than getting left behind, you will need to start looking at future-thinking strategies before lockdown comes to an end. That could mean anything from adding new channels to your strategy to considering new technologies and tools that you are not already using.

Moving Your Lead Generation Efforts Forward

It is still too early to see how digital marketing as a whole will change the way that leads engage with brands. Staying on your toes, rethinking your strategies, reconnecting to your audience, and thinking in the short, medium and long-term will help you continue to improve your lead generation and nurturing efforts, whatever tomorrow may bring.

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