Content plays an integral role in B2B lead generation SEO. In addition to the obvious benefit of bringing in more traffic, content can also help you establish your reputation, which, in turn, further helps to improve your ranking as an industry leader. Unlike consumer-based content for lead generation, B2B content focuses on your knowledge and expertise within your field. Consumer content typically relies on an emotional connection, reaching customers on a personal basis and bringing awareness in a way that further increases this connection. B2B content focuses on building your brand and cement your authority within your field. B2B customers don’t only want to know that you provide world-class services. They also want to know that you have deep insight into the services you offer as well as the needs of your target audience.

Getting the Most From Your B2B Lead Generation SEO Content

By focusing on a specialised B2B lead generation SEO content strategy, you will have the ability to not only convert leads but also increase your rankings organically. In this guide, we take a look at some of the ways that you can get more from your strategy for optimal results.

Optimise your rankings and convert more leads with these tips for improved B2B lead generation SEO content.

1. Know your audience

You will need to have deep insight into your audience. On a B2B level, that means deeper insight into your target audience, their business, their primary pain points, their industry, and anything else that will help you craft content that speaks directly to potential leads. You can then create lead profiles. These are a little different to customer personas, focusing more on the key partners and decision-makers in the organisation, job titles, skills, team structure, demographics, and even firmographics, which also takes the lead’s clients into account. The more insight you have into your target audience, the more easily you will be able to craft content that people are actively searching for in your industry. You can then proceed with a keyword strategy, competitor research, and other strategies to develop your B2B lead generation content for SEO. Focusing purely on demographics or who you THINK your audience is vs who is already looking for your services will greatly help your SEO as well as your conversion rates.

2. Focus on problem-solving

The goal of any type of content is to solve problems rather than sell benefits. In the case of B2B lead generation content, you want to focus on pain points and also make sure that your target audience finds you online. This is where guides, how-to articles, case studies, and white papers come into the equation. Optimised guides that outline answers to common problems faced in your industry will greatly help your traffic. If you have a solid linking strategy in place, you will be able to continue providing solutions to similar problems or others that leads may not have considered. For example, if you are a software vendor specialising in cloud migration, you could have a series of guides or blog posts around topics such as cloud migration mistakes or challenges often experienced. You could also have an FAQ series that answers specific questions relating to cloud migration – timing, onboarding, adoption barriers, integration or anything else that customers are actively searching for online. Question-based keywords are excellent for this approach, while tools that generate questions often asked are also very useful to determine the problems that leads may be dealing with right now. You can then position yourself as an expert who can solve these problems.

3. Show your expertise

Let’s use our cloud migration expert as an example again. If you were looking for a partner to help you make the move to the cloud, who would you trust… a provider that tells you they are the best or one that shows you they are the best? Social proof is commonly used in B2C lead generation content but it can also be effective in B2B content. This type of content includes testimonials, case studies and industry insight that establishes your brand as a thought leader. Google shows preference to sites that have built up authority and reputation and many potential customers will specifically search for reviews or recommendations. For example, customers may use terms such as ‘cloud migration expert’, ‘cloud specialist’, ‘accredited cloud migration company’ or ‘certified cloud specialist’. Others may search ‘who is the best cloud migration expert in {city}’. Optimising thought leadership content on your site along with your case studies, testimonials, credentials, experience, and anything else that showcases that you are an industry leader will help you bring in traffic, and turn that traffic into paying customers, too.

4. Keep it relevant

This one may sound obvious, but you cannot afford to generalise with B2B lead generation SEO content. If you want to get ahead in the SERPs, you need to be a leader in your specific field and your specific skills. Going back to our cloud migration partner example, you want to rank specifically for those services. You don’t want to dilute your chances by adding content on popular topics that have no relevance to your key offering. Trying to capitalise on current hot topics such as COVID may seem tempting. Unless the pandemic plays a role in your business in some way, it is best to keep your keywords and content focused on your primary goals. Remember, your aim is not just to get people to click through to your site. It’s also to convert them once they’re on the site. This is why SEO with professional companies, like SEO Southport, is so important for lead generation. It helps you bring in traffic naturally in a way that can get potential leads into your funnel.

5. Refresh and create content often

Outdated content is never good for SEO. In the case of lead nurturing content, it is even worse. To bring in traffic, you need to have content that can convert. You need meta titles that are eye-catching in the SERPs and you need descriptions that tell leads exactly what to expect. Once they arrive on your landing page or blog, you need to be able to meet that expectation. If you have updated your metadata without updating the content, that lead will very quickly exit, and will then be lost forever. You have once chance to make that impression. You will need to make it instantly. Along with refreshing content for SEO and to add value to leads, you also need to create fresh content regularly. Every type of content can be used for lead generation if you have optimised the content with lead forms, CTAs and content focused on encouraging action. New landing pages that are designed for your target persona will also bring in traffic, especially compared to outdating landing pages that are no longer ranking or attracting clicks or signups.

The Value of Lead Generation SEO Content

SEO content is not a nice extra to add to your campaigns. It is a strategy that adds plenty of value. With the right strategy, you will be able to see the very real benefits that B2B lead generation SEO content can offer, to your results and your overall reputation.

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