Ecommerce marketing and search engine optimisation plays an important role for all online stores. If you have recently branched out to include an online store along with your physical store, it is even more important to bring online visitors to your site. The rise of ‘click and mortar’ stores continues to grow, especially in the wake of lockdown and its effect on the global economy. Although both physical and online stores have plenty to offer, the combination of both can help to attract a wider range of customers while helping you bring in more sales.

To make sure that you get the most from your click and mortar strategies, local ecommerce SEO is an invaluable strategy.

Local Ecommerce SEO for Bricks and Clicks Stores

Some of the ways that you can use local SEO to drive more traffic and engagement for both your physical and online stores include the following:


Local SEO content is a little different from other types of content. Although you can also include more far-reaching content that is relevant to your niche and audience, you have more leeway to focus on local content. Some great examples of this include featuring events in your area, nearby attractions relating to your niche, related products or businesses in your area (this is great for collaborative posts), brand ambassadors in your area, and other content that is area-specific.


Reviews are always good for SEO. In terms of local SEO, they are particularly valuable. Most people will use search terms such as ‘pet stores near me’ when searching for products for their pets. When a list of stores shows up, the first thing they will do is go through that list and look at reviews. Remember, it’s not only about getting good reviews. It’s also about responding to reviews quickly and properly so that you show potential customers that you are listening.


Finally, don’t under-estimate the power of listings. The most important listings are Google My Business listings. These include NAP information (name, address and phone number) as well as other information specific to your store. When you have an online store and a physical store, your listings need to be 100% accurate and updated so that customers can easily visit you online or come to your store.

Local Ecommerce SEO Strategies

There there is a lot more to local SEO, of course. You can read through our tips on mistakes to avoid with this strategy to learn more about what not to do. For click and mortar stores, local ecommerce SEO is a tool that will continue to bring in traffic, making it a valuable investment that will always give you results.

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