Although it may work a little differently to regular Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media SEO can be an incredibly useful way to boost your ranking organically. Shares, likes and comments do not make a difference but that does not mean that you cannot use your social platforms to increase your overall ranking. The secret to getting the most from social SEO is to know what makes an actual difference rather than trying to get ahead in the SERPs by pushing out maximum content in the hopes of getting found online. Today, we’re talking about a few simple strategies that can help you bring in traffic naturally in a way that also benefits your followers.

Getting the Most from Social Media SEO

How do you go about using social media SEO to grow your traffic? For starters, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Just like content is king in most other areas of digital marketing, it is also essential in social media. This means the content you create as well as the content you share – from your own blog and external sources. High-quality content can help you position your brand as an industry leader. It can help you boost your reputation in the SERPs and get more links. To be effective, however, you need a comprehensive social media strategy that uses unique content for every platform. This includes YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Creating and sharing content from your website that adds genuine value to your audience will have the added effect of building your following.

Local SEO

Social media can also work well alongside local SEO strategies. NAP listings and Google My Business are a great example. When people are searching for your brand or for products and services you offer, Google will provide several suggestions. They are looking for basic information such as company details. They are also looking for other ways to find out more about your business. Reviews obviously count. But your social channel links also help a great deal.


Optimising all of your visual content is essential. This applies to all images you use on your feeds as well as any videos you create and share. Google Images is every bit as important for ranking as Google Search. Non-optimised images will seldom come up in search or images. When you properly optimise your images and videos with relevant key phrases and descriptors, you have a far better chance of your visual content being found online.

Social Media SEO

Over the years, SEO has evolved in many ways. Google’s constant algorithm changes and the increasingly sophisticated AI tools it uses has increased the need for smarter ways of ranking. When you put more thought into your social media SEO approach, you have a far higher chance of getting ahead in the SERPs.

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