As COVID-19 and the resultant lockdown has drastically changed the way that people shop, ecommerce marketing is going to play a vital role in the festive season. While some shoppers are still going to head to the mall or venture out to physical stores, many are looking for safer ways to find gifts without having to leave home. With the right ecommerce marketing campaigns in place, you can target these shoppers simply and effectively. Keep reading to get our ideas on how to reach shoppers online this upcoming Christmas.

Ecommerce Marketing Ideas for the Festive Season

A few months ago, we shared some advice on how to start planning for the season. Today, we’re sharing some ecommerce marketing ideas to increase sales.

Flash sales

Flash sales are a fantastic way to drive sales, all year around. For certain times of the year, like holidays and other important dates, they are even more effective. There are a few ways that you can plan and run flash sales. One way is to use a countdown to Christmas, with an advent calendar of sorts that offers specific discounts for each day. Another way is to plan a more general sale that runs during a set timeframe, with offers such as 10% of all products between pre-determined dates.

Video promotions

Video is another great tool for festive season marketing. Creating fun, themed videos to promote your store and holiday offers is a good way to increase engagement. These don’t have to be too long or complicated. Short and sweet is what you’re aiming for here. Use video to promote specific products, drive attention to your flash sale and get a buzz going. You can use these promotional videos as part of your YouTube or Facebook marketing campaigns.

Gift guides

A subtle, helpful and interactive way to promote your store and products is to create gift guides. These can be tied into your promotions, giving shoppers once-off discounts on items you are promoting in your guides. They can also be used to simply put your products in mind when consumers are in shopping mode. Use these guides across your social media channels, create unique hashtags and get customer input on what they would buy or want to receive.

Festive Season Ecommerce Marketing

With a bit of out-the-box thinking, you can plan and implement ecommerce marketing campaigns that are ideal for the festive season.

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