Think back to the last social media campaign that caught your attention. It may have been a series of videos that resonated on a deeper level, or it could even have been a clever hashtag on Twitter that resulted in plenty of retweets. While it may seem that you need a massive budget and a large following to achieve a successful campaign, there are just a few ingredients that will make the final difference.

Many businesses resort to shady practices such as paid followers because they assume that big equals better. For a social media campaign to truly succeed however, it does not need to be massive… it needs to be relevant, authentic, and carefully planned.

Top Tips for a Powerful Social  Media Campaign

How can you ensure that your social media campaign is more of a hit than a miss? These tips will help you get started.

  1. Focus on the channels that truly convert. Rather than wasting your SM budget trying to target every channel, focus on the platforms that are already showing some signs of conversion. If your target audience uses YouTube but not Twitter, it goes without saying that your budget would be better spent on creating engaging videos. Split testing, audits and careful evaluation of your current social efforts as well as your target customer will all be handy in determining which channels are genuinely driving clicks, enquiries and interest.
  2. Don’t follow the crowd. Trends come and go every single year. As much as you may envy a fellow brand’s hilarious instructional videos, it doesn’t mean that videos always need to be funny. Blindly promoting yourself across every channel, in a way that is not true to your own brand can end up causing more harm than good. The single most important lesson in social media engagement is to be yourself, in a way that attracts your ideal customer. With that in mind, it is essential to have a highly planned strategy in place that helps you be yourself in a way that promotes engagement. That brings us on to our next point…
  3. Invest in a professional, personalised strategy. Without a social media strategy, you are shooting in the dark. Whether you are focusing your efforts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or a combination of these, a strategy ensures that your messages stay on point at all times. For corporates aiming to grow their teams, LinkedIn strategy benefits include reaching the right people at the right time, in the right way. If your last few videos have only gotten a handful of likes, you may find that a new YouTube strategy gives you a fresh take on how to deliver videos that people want to share. For Facebook and Twitter, a strategy is vital to engage followers without posting too often, too randomly or too infrequently.

If you’re ready to take your social media efforts to the next level, we can help you create a tailored strategy that is designed to get the most from your social media campaign. Leave a reply below or send us a message.

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