One of the many reasons to invest in a comprehensive social media strategy for your chosen channels is that it reduces the risk of poorly planned social media content. When you are managing your own accounts, there is a very real risk of making a very public social media blunder at some point.

Whether that is due to posting from your personal account accidentally, posting potentially risque social media content without thinking, or even spamming your followers with constant sales content, there are few things that will make you lose followers quicker than a badly run social media account.

Avoid These Types of Social Media Content

What sort of social media content should you avoid? Let’s take a look…


On Facebook, it is best to aim for a diversity of content, from videos to images, text posts and shared content. Mistakes to avoid on this platform include political or controversial content that could end up causing offence; personal posts that do not have anything to do with your business; overly long posts that are hard to read; adding too many links in your post; too much promotional content; Live videos that are not genuinely relevant and repeat content that you rehash every few days.


Content blunders to avoid on Twitter include posts that beg for followers, or offer some sort of offer to buy followers; posts that run longer than 140 characters (requiring a tweet extender link to view); Twitter rants unrelated to your business; tweets sent from your personal account accidentally and posts loaded with hashtags that have no relevance to your post or business.


Video is continuing its rise, but that does not mean that every business should use video. Ultimately, you should only aim for a YouTube strategy if you are able to produce and share high quality videos. Videos to avoid include persona rants on a business page; bland videos that offer no value; trend videos that won’t add value in a month or two, and poor quality home videos that make your brand look cheap.


B2B content rules supreme here. With that in mind, any content that is trying to appeal to the wrong audience will not do well on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn strategy should be free of hard-sell content; political or controversial content; personal content and any other content that does not relate to your business and industry at large.

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