Video marketing is a highly effective to any ecommerce marketing strategy, helping you grow your audience, nurture new customers, retain current customers and build brand loyalty. Done properly, video allows you to up your content game considerably.

While there is no doubt that video can help you take your marketing to a whole new level, it does not mean that throwing together any old video will ensure results. A proper strategy will ensure that you get the full benefit of video marketing without the risk of losing customers through badly planned videos.

Why Include Video Marketing in Your Ecommerce Strategy?

There are a few benefits of video marketing, especially when it comes to ecommerce marketing. Some of the biggest benefits worth noting include the following:

  1. Video creates a meaningful connection. People respond to content that inspires emotion. While images and text are able to trigger certain reactions, video creates a far deeper response. As video is also shareable, people are more likely to share videos that resonate in some way. Whether it is a funny video demonstrating your product in an unusual way, an inspiring video that tells your brand story or even a daring, interesting or unique video that showcases your shop or greater product type, videos are a great way to connect to your audience.
  2. Video helps information be processed easily. Videos are also remembered more effectively than text and images. This may be because video uses more than one sense. When sound and imagery are used together, information can be processed more easily through video. This means that your YouTube channel is a powerful tool that helps customers learn (and remember) things you share in your videos. Used as part of a complete ecommerce marketing strategy, video is especially useful.
  3. Video adds genuine value to customers. Video marketing also adds value by educating customers in a way that is fun, informal and non-aggressive. A large number of searches are done online every day on how to use a massive number of products. Product demonstrations, how-to guides, DIY videos and other instructional videos will showcase your store in a way that is not overly promotional. Instead, customers will learn more about your products at their own pace.

Now that you have a better idea of the benefits that video brings to your ecommerce store, you can start getting to work crafting a video marketing strategy that is designed to convert more customers.

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