AB testing has become a staple in ecommerce marketing as well as email marketing and lead generation. With the insight we have into customers and how they interact with content online, it has become easier than ever to know how to reach people in the best possible way. Without testing, you are essentially shooting in the dark rather than getting real, cold data into how people use your website.

Why AB Testing is Essential

In this mini guide, we share some of the benefits that AB testing has to offer. Keep reading to find out why testing is always a good idea.

Some of the top reasons to use AB testing for your campaigns include the following:

Improved content engagement

For content, A/B testing is a great way to determine which content is hitting the spot. Whether you are testing landing pages, email headers, CTAs, blog posts or any other content, testing helps you determine which content resonates with your audience more effectively. This can be achieved from something as simple as two different blog post titles or CTAs, or something more advanced such as a landing page.

Reduced bounce rates

Testing also helps to reduce email and website bounce rates. When people keep leaving your website or unsubscribing from your emails, it can be frustrating to know what went wrong. Testing is the most effective way to tweak a wide range of elements, from font to subject lines, load speed, headlines, images and offers. Once you get a better idea of which things are working, it will become easier to craft campaigns that don’t get bounced.

Increased conversion rates

At the same time, a higher bounce rate and content that engages more effectively often results in a higher conversion rate. There are many things that can be tested for conversion – forms, page and email length, URLs, images and even buttons. As you determine which features perform better, it will be easier to create campaigns that you know will reach their mark and convert more leads.

Reduced cart abandonment

Split testing can also help to reduce abandoned carts, making it very useful for ecommerce marketing. There are many factors that influence abandoned carts, but one thing that can be effective at preventing this is testing. If you test things such as content, buttons, checkout and other factors, you will be able to find the ideal combination that reduces the number of carts left before making a purchase.

Increased sales

What all of this means down the line, is, of course better sales. Testing is one of the only ways to know what works, and what doesn’t work. Without split testing, you may never have insight into what attracts customers and what puts them off. You will also not be able to fine-tune your efforts. Ultimately, you will soon get left behind.

What are some of the benefits you have seen from split testing? Share your experience with AB testing below to let us know.

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