What makes segmentation so important as a lead generation strategy? Why should you be segmenting your lists even before you begin planning campaigns? Are the benefits seen from segmentation really worthwhile? Let’s have a look.

In a nutshell, segmentation is important because it allows you to target leads in the most efficient way possible. When you try to appeal to everyone, you often end up appealing to no one. A fundamental aspect of segmentation is that it reduces the clutter that typically arises from lead generation campaigns. There are a number of benefits offered by segmentation, each of which has the potential to deliver powerful results.

Why Segmentation is so Important in Lead Generation

Some of the top lead generation benefits offered by segmentation include the following:

  1. It helps to target leads more effectively. Lead nurturing is not about blindly throwing out a hook to see who bites. Instead, it is about targeting your offer to those who are far more likely to bite. When you segment your audience according to behaviour as well as demographics or other relevant factors, you will be able to target those who are already more likely to convert compared to those who have no chance of becoming customers.
  2. It adds more value to potential customers. At the same time, segmenting also adds value to customers. This is because it focuses on the people who are more likely to become customers. By focusing on those who are ready to hear what you are offering, you will avoid the risk of annoying those who are not likely to convert. You will also show that you are listening to what your target customers want.
  3. It works hand in hand with lead scoring. Segmentation works especially well when used alongside lead scoring. This helps you separate the cold leads from the warm and hot leads. As a result, you won’t waste time on leads that have no hope of going anywhere. For optimal results, you can also use personalisation to further target leads.
  4. It ensures a better chance of conversion. That brings us to our final benefit – a better chance of conversion. When you have carefully segmented and scored your leads, and then crafted personalised email campaigns designed to target leads at each stage of their journey in your sales funnel, you will see a genuine impact on your conversion rates.

Segment your leads, and you will soon start to see what it does for your lead generation efforts.

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