As the social media landscape continues to adapt and grow each year, one thing remains the same… social networks have forever changed the way that brands interact with their audiences.

Getting the Most From Social Media Channels in 2018

Whether you are considering ways to fine-tune your strategies this year or you are wondering how to get more from the channels you are already using, we have put together a list of social trends and tips to watch for each major social media channel.

Some of the top-performing social media marketing platforms that continue to drive results, year on year, include the following:


Video continues to dominate on Facebook. Live video is an especially useful tool to focus on this year. With that said, don’t make the mistake of assuming that any video will do. Keywords here include relevant and targeted. Creative live broadcasts that add genuine value are the most effective way to get full use from your Facebook marketing strategy. Rather than sharing boring updates such as day to day activity, focus on creative, informative, entertaining, engaging updates that encourage reactions, comments, and shares. Messenger is also set to evolve this year as a proactive way to engage potential followers and customers.


LinkedIn may be somewhat of a niche network, but for b2b social media, it is a powerful channel that offers plenty of value. This year, you could look at social media advertising on LinkedIn and other channels, in a way that promotes cross-channel and upselling opportunities. Another way to use your LinkedIn strategy in 2018 is to build your company culture. Employee storytelling, involvement and influencer marketing are all worth including in your strategy.


Towards the end of last year, Twitter increased its notoriously short character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. You can use your increased space to deliver micro-moments in a way that is meaningful and driven towards engagement rather than mindless promotion. As with many other channels, influencer marketing is set to be big, making this a valuable addition to your Twitter marketing strategy.


Saving the best for last, the rise of video is certainly good news for your YouTube marketing strategy. If you have not put much thought or effort into creating a channel, now is the best time to get started. Creating well-planned video content that is mobile-friendly and engaging is the best way to bring in results from this channel.

Now it’s your turn… Which social media channels will you be focusing on this year?

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