If social media algorithms are driving you crazy, you’re not alone. The recent Facebook shift that favoured friend updates and group updates over page updates have had many businesses in despair.

Surviving Social Media Algorithm Updates

While there is not much you can to about the way that social networks show content to users, you can try a few measures to ensure that you don’t get left behind, at least.

Keep reading to get our tips on how to survive just about any social media algorithm changes, whichever social platforms you favour. Some things to keep in mind when planning around social media algorithms include the following:

Focus on growing a community

The ultimate aim of social media marketing is to grow and engage a community of people who are passionate about your brand. As much as this channel offers a chance to market your business, it is important to put your focus on your community first. It is far better to have a smaller following of people who either have already supported you or plan to at some stage than to have a massive following of fans who have no intention of ever buying what you have to offer.

Engage followers with genuine, interesting content

One way to ensure that you don’t get lost in personal news feeds and group updates is to provide content that genuinely engages followers. That does not mean sneaky ‘please like’ type posts or even sneakier posts that try and trigger reactions. Instead, it means listening to what people say, taking the time to respond to comments, getting involved in conversations, and being active in your own community.

Use a strategy to avoid posting randomly

It also means getting strategic. Posting random content is never a good idea. With the new algorithms in place, random content is even more likely to get pushed back into the abyss. Aim to include a balance of image and video-based content as well as text updates, take the time to consider topics that will add real value, listen to feedback, get people involved, and make sure that your page does not stay quiet for too long.

Own your own mailing list

Finally, it is also a good thing to note that owning your own lists is always a good idea. While you may be able to market to your social pages to some extent, you will not have full control over any updates that happen. Instead, use social media as part of a cross channel marketing strategy that also incorporates email marketing, lead generation and various other digital marketing strategies. This is the best way to avoid losing followers in the event of algorithm changes or even the rather unlikely end of social media as we know it in the distant future.

These tips might not help much if every social channel in the world had to suddenly fail, but they can at least help you ensure that your brand still gets ahead, regardless of social media algorithms that may be changing each year.

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