When you do not see the results you have been wanting from your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy, it can all too easily get frustrating. Before you fire your SEO company, however, it is important to understand why you may not be getting the SEO rankings you have been expecting.

Why You’re Not Noticing SEO Strategy Results

There are a number of reasons that you may not suddenly find yourself at the top of the SERPs after investing in a strategy. It may be too early, your SEO strategy may be broken, or you may even be focusing on the wrong metrics.

Here are some of the most likely explanations that you are not seeing results from your SEO strategy:

It’s too early to see results

One simple reason for not seeing results could be that you simply have not given enough time to track results. Be very wary of any digital marketing agency that promises you fast results. SEO is by no means a quick fix. Search engines need time to crawl content – especially in the case of larger or older, established websites that may have a number of pages. Crawling is not always automatic, either, which means that it can take months to start noticing a spike in your traffic. Trying to rush results will not help much, either. Instead, try and be patient, and review your strategy again in another month.

There are gaps in your strategy

There may also be gaps in your entire approach. Are your keywords relevant and calculated properly? Is your on-site data updated according to best practices? Has your agency planned for off-site link building as well as on-site updates? Does your website have sufficient content, and is that content optimised for your target keywords? Are there any potential gaps that may affect your ranking, such as duplicate pages, broken links, faulty redirects, missing metadata, non-optimised content, slow load times or anything else that may be getting in the way of your success? One way to determine any potential gaps in your strategy is to invest in a comprehensive audit. This will quickly show you what may be going wrong.

Your metrics are too vague

If your strategy is not broken and you have given it a few months, and you are still seeing little to no results, it may be due to reasons outside of SEO. It could be a usability issue, it may be a design problem, you may be in a highly competitive industry, or your metrics may not be clear enough. Are you looking purely at daily visits to your website? Are you taking other metrics into account as well? What about your bounce rate, or the time spent on-site? In order to determine success, you first need to define your key objectives. You may be trying to increase engagement, generate leads, boost awareness or drive sales.

Before you throw in the towel, take a good, hard look at your SEO strategy and speak to your Search Engine Optimisation expert to find out what can be done to fine-tune and improve.

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