Mobile SEO is still relatively new, at least compared to traditional Search Engine Optimisation.

Stay Clear of These Mobile SEO Mistakes

Failing to optimise your website for mobile searches can lead to reduced overall rankings. Ready or not, the mobile SEO era is here, and those that are not prepared will end up paying the price.

Wondering what not to do to see results from your mobile SEO strategy? Here are a few of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

Non-responsive design

If your website is not designed for all devices, it will be left behind in the SERPs. As Google’s Mobile First era gets closer and closer, every website that is not responsive will soon be pushed down in searches in favour of sites that can be easily viewed on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

No rich snippets

If you are not using Schema Markup, you are missing out on a chance to increase clicks and leverage your SEO efforts. Rich snippets can include images, text, recipes or any other information that helps people find what they are looking for more easily in the SERPs. Failing to integrate this feature could see you losing out to a result that is visually appealing and seemingly more useful to searchers.

Non-compatible media

If you display media on your website, such as video and images, you will need to ensure that it can be easily viewed on any device, screen size and resolution. Videos or images that do not load are a sure-fire way to reduce your SEO ranking, especially if it leads to a higher bounce rate on your site.

Obtrusive ads and pop-ups

If you have too many pop-ups, ads and other annoying banners or boxes that take up the entire screen, you will also pay the price. Google has started coming down more heavily on websites that display pop-ups and other content across the screen.

No mobile-friendly keywords

If you have not added mobile-friendly keywords to your SEO strategy, you are losing out on a chance to target people who search for information on a mobile device. Mobile searches already make up a huge portion of entire searches… are you making it easier or harder for mobile users to find your content?

Preparing your website and ensuring that it is optimised for all users, whichever device they use to access your content, is the only way to be sure that you don’t get left behind. Avoiding these mobile SEO mistakes may not ensure an instant rise to the top of the SERPs but they will certainly help you keep up with your competitors.

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