A blocked lead generation strategy and funnel can be fatal if left unchecked. As a powerful tool in your lead nurturing strategy, a good funnel has the ability to take leads through the process of going from potential lead to customer. Done right, a lead funnel can build trust, establish credibility and proactively address potential barriers to conversion. Done wrong, a broken lead generation funnel can end up having the complete opposite effect.

How to Identify a Blocked Lead Generation Funnel

Not sure your funnel is working as it should? Be sure to look out for these warning signs that your lead generation funnel is blocked:

1. Leads are often unqualified

This will often happen if you do not have a lead scoring model in place. Unqualified leads are a big concern on many levels. For starters, sales teams have to work far harder to try and sell to leads that may not be ready. Then you have the fact that leads may not even be relevant at all. To fix this problem, make sure that you invest in lead scoring and other strategies that result in highly targeted, relevant and qualified leads that are primed to proceed.

2. Leads are not progressing

If you find that leads typically get stuck at a certain point along the funnel, it may be time to take a closer look at the content and offer at that point. You could also try A/B testing to improve your lead funnel at every point. This is why it is crucial to have a lead generation strategy in place that ensures well-crafted content and offers at every stage of your funnel. If you find that leads are not progressing at all, period, it may be due to leads not being ready or it may even be a sign that your entire funnel needs work.

3. Leads are jumping ship

If, on the other hand, leads continue through the funnel, only to jump ship when they are handed over to sales or customer service, it may be a sign that you need to think about better alignment between marketing, sales and customer service. You may also need to think about a CRM or similar platform to ensure that the transition from funnel to customer care is as smooth as possible. If leads are leaving because of a negative experience with customer service, it will be a huge challenge to undo the damage. Bad experiences like these can put leads off for life and even result in damaged reputation when leads tell others about their bad experience.

The good news is that even the most disorganised sales funnel can be turned around. The simplest way to ensure that your lead generation funnel is in good shape is to test frequently and thoroughly rather than setting and forgetting.

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