Do you have a process for qualifying and progressing sales leads? If you have been using lead scoring and other techniques, without having a qualification process in place, you may find that you are still dealing with too many lukewarm or non-converting leads. Luckily, you don’t have to waste too much time or effort qualifying your leads.

Effective Ways to Qualify Sales Leads

To make sure that you get the most from your lead generation efforts, try this simple trick to qualify sales leads in no time at all.

Qualify your sales leads with this simple four step qualification process that helps you separate warm leads from those not worth pursuing.

1. Customer profile

This is where lead scoring becomes useful. Having a clear picture of your target customer, which is backed by a profile or even a few buyer personas will make it far easier to spot the genuine customers from the empty leads. If you know that your target customer is likely a small or medium business that typically uses the products or services you are providing, for instance, it will be easier to fast-track relevant leads in the pipeline. A large scale enterprise in an unrelated industry will likely not be considered a quality lead, on the other hand.

2. Lead intent

What need is the lead aiming to fill? Is the lead doing research for future shopping or is there a sign of genuine intent? Knowing how to tell the difference between browsers and serious shoppers is essential. Identifying intent will help you know whether the lead is likely to continue through your sales funnel or disappear as soon as they have been sent an estimate.

3. Decision process

Whether you are focusing on b2b or b2c lead nurturing, it is also important to determine the decision making process. This takes us back to intent, but it also comes down to who is responsible for the purchasing decision. In the case of b2b leads, there may be a long purchasing process that takes months.

4. Competitive advantage

It is impossible to know how many other enquiries your prospective lead has made before finding your website. It’s also not easy to know whether the lead is a genuine customer or a competitor doing research on pricing and products. Look out for inconsistencies, incorrect signup information or anything else that does not quite seem right.

The good news is that once you have a qualification process in place, it will become far simpler to separate the high value sales leads from the rest.

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