Digital marketing engagement is easily one of the most important metrics, playing a vital role in conversion. Engaged followers are far more likely to become active customers and even brand evangelists. When you lack engagement, you essentially lack the ability to reach your audience, which, needless to say, is never ideal when it comes to digital marketing.

Simple Ways to Drive Digital Marketing Engagement

While clicks and sales are seen as the holy grail of conversion, engagement is just as important. Engagement can help with everything from customer reputation to brand awareness, ultimately driving more sales on a long-term basis. Increasing digital marketing engagement is easier than you may think. Try these simple strategies to start seeing an increase in engagement.


Whether used as part of your lead generation strategies, email marketing campaigns, mobile marketing efforts or any marketing channel, personalisation is a highly effective way to drive engagement. The basis behind this is simple – people like to feel like they are important. When your campaigns treat people as a generic mass rather than individuals, you lose the ability to connect on a deeper level. Start by segmenting your lists, creating buyer personas and finding ways to make your campaigns richer and more emotive.


Sharing is caring – especially in the world of digital. This approach works well with social media and email especially, but it could also work with blogging and even ecommerce marketing if you are careful what you share with followers. You could look at sharing customer feedback, reviews, company information, behind-the-scenes photos or stories or anything else that makes your brand seem human. The trick here is to balance the line between sharing and oversharing. Be human, but never at the risk of losing your brand voice.


This means not only encouraging feedback but also responding to feedback on every channel. Replying to comments on social media posts, getting clever with your calls to action to open up discussion on your blog, emails and even your mobile campaigns, making it easier for customers to leave reviews (and responding to reviews), listening to feedback, responding to customer support messages and actively engaging with your followers across the board. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to engage because it allows you to reach out directly and chat with your audience in a way that is visible and authentic.

Start putting engagement at the forefront of your digital marketing goals and you will soon start to see the difference in your results across the board.

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