If you are still treating SEO as an added extra in your ecommerce marketing plan, now is the time to put more thought into how you are aiming to attract customers to your store. Search Engine Optimisation is often seen as a frustrating waste of time that could be better spent on quick fixes and channels that provide obvious benefits.

Even though it may take longer than other channels, SEO provides the biggest number of advantages over the long term, making this an essential addition to your ecommerce marketing efforts.

Take Your Ecommerce Marketing SEO to The Next Level

Some of the most effective ways to get more from your ecommerce marketing optimisation include the following:

Purchase intent keywords

Unlike information gathering keywords that are used to provide advice, purchase intent keywords are focused on purchase decisions. For example, a service-based business may use keywords such as ‘how to find an accountant’ or ‘using an accountant’. Etailers, on the other hand, can benefit greatly from keywords that are more direct, such as ‘buy mens shoes’ or ‘mens shoes for sale’ or even ‘best prices on mens shoes’. Keywords like these will be far more effective than broader, more generic terms such as ‘mens shoes’. They should especially be used for primary product pages or category pages.

Smart linking

Over and beyond having a clear site structure in place, you need to get creative about your linking strategies. For ecommerce sites, an effective way to use links is to bring in high performing category pages into your product descriptions through links or also link to related products within your content. The easier it becomes for search engines and shoppers to easily find information in a way that is simple and logical, the better the user experience and site architecture become. This helps your SEO by making it easier for search engines to crawl your content. It helps customers by reducing the number of clicks they need to make to find similar products and navigate your shop.

Mobile optimisation

You could have a perfect online shop with perfect keywords and every SEO element in place and it will still not rank in the SERPs if you have not optimised for mobile. As we get closer to the Mobile First era, Google is getting tougher on non-responsive websites all the time. Mobile search is slowly starting to overtake online search as more users access content from their smartphones. Failing to optimise your website will result in lost traffic. In time, it will also mean a far lower chance of ranking. Make sure that your shop can be browsed on any device – smartphone, tablet and computer.

Try these strategies along with a few basic SEO strategies for ecommerce growth and you will begin to see just how much value SEO offers as part of your holistic ecommerce marketing strategy.

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