Wondering how to integrate mobile into your ecommerce marketing plans? Whether you are considering an app or thinking of ways to utilise SMS for your ecommerce store promotions, mobile is a surprisingly versatile channel that helps you to connect with your audience quickly. Done right, mobile can add immense value. Keep reading to find out which mobile strategies are worth incorporating into your ecommerce marketing strategy.

How to Use Mobile in Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

There is no doubt that mobile marketing plays an essential role in any ecommerce marketing strategy. Some of the ways that you can use mobile to grow your online store include the following:

Push messaging

Push messages offer an instant, simple way to reach shoppers at key moments. This can be a highly effective way to prompt further action. Whether used to lure shoppers back after carts are abandoned, promote recently browsed products, show similar products, encourage referrals or even reward shoppers for spending pre-defined amounts or higher, this highly visible strategy is successful for its ability to connect to shoppers directly.

QR codes

QR codes can also be highly effective, offering a way to promote discounts, sales, specials and exclusive deals. There are a number of ways to use QR codes. These can be used as part of SMS or email campaigns, used in shipped goods to link to social media or online content or even used on product pages.


Don’t underestimate the continued value of SMS, either. Text-based marketing still accounts for a large chunk of mobile strategies, offering a far quicker response time over email. To get the most from your text-based campaigns, focus on interactive messages that require response, or try using SMS for sales and other news.


Apps remain a popular choice and can be very effective. The secret here is to not build an app simply for the sake of having an app but to rather aim to consider an app as part of a broader mobile strategy. The sheer volume of apps available today means that there is a very high competition. Unless an app has true value, it may make more sense to focus on other mobile strategies rather than creating an app that will not be widely used.

Rather than winging it and hoping for the best, the simplest route is to test, test and test again. Once you determine which mobile campaigns add the most value, it will be easier to see which to add to your ecommerce marketing plan.

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