Wondering how to get more from your ecommerce marketing efforts for your large online store? Unlike micro stores, larger stores typically offer a large variety of products across multiple categories. Some, like online department stores along the likes of Amazon and Spree, act as resellers, promoting and selling a range of products from various brands. Others may sell their own products, but on a far larger scale than a small or regular sized store.

Ecommerce Marketing Tips for Larger Online Stores

Whatever type of store you may have, finding ecommerce marketing strategies that help you scale is key. Keep reading for our tips on how to grow your store successfully.

How can larger online stores leverage their ecommerce marketing efforts? For starters, here are a few simple areas to focus on with your strategies:


While larger stores have a number of advantages that smaller stores lack, from a larger customer base to a larger stock volume, something that can sometimes be easier for smaller stores to achieve is authenticity. Larger stores typically have multiple categories or departments, a more formalised support system, a less personalised approach, more complex processes, and a larger number of channels used to promote and grow the store. This is by no means a bad thing – it can, however, lose some of the intimacy that comes with a smaller, more hands-on store. You can regain a sense of this authenticity by using personalisation, customisation, and other strategies that make your audience feel valued.


Accessibility is another major focus area. This includes your overall campaigns as well as your ability to provide a fully responsive platform for customers to shop online. How easily can customers make purchases from your online store? What about your mobile store? Can your store be accessed from any device or do you have a dedicated app instead? How user-friendly is your checkout process? What about your payment process? Have you done thorough usability testing? What about your marketing strategies – social media, email, mobile, lead nurturing, and content?


Then there is loyalty. The ecommerce market is notoriously competitive, with a number of etailer giants competing for the same space, along with large national stores and brand new stores. Many stores are so focused on attracting new shoppers that they forget how much value lies in retargeting customers. One of the most effective ways to drive customer retention is to focus on loyalty. Loyal customers return again and again. They also leave reviews, make recommendations and give you ratings. It goes without saying that these customers are highly valuable. Content marketing, loyalty programmes, social media, and CRM can all be used to increase loyalty.

Focus on these key areas, keep moving forward and you will start to see your ecommerce marketing efforts pay off over time.

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