Wondering how you can use lead generation for your multi-national business? Unlike smaller businesses, who have the luxury of staying agile, many large-scale businesses approach lead nurturing on a large scale.

Using Lead Generation for Multi-National Businesses

Before you jump right in and use up that marketing budget, it can be very useful to stop and think about how you can leverage your efforts. In this short guide, we share some tips on how to use lead generation to market your multi-national company.

Some simple ways to grow your lead generation strategies as a multi-national company include the following:

Align your teams carefully

This applies to companies of all sizes, from the smallest of basement startups to the largest of international corporations. For multi-nationals, alignment is essential for many reasons. When marketing, sales and customer service teams are not fully aligned, it becomes far harder for lead nurturing campaigns to run smoothly. Even the smallest of hiccups along the nurturing funnel can result in lost leads. Too many hiccups can end up wasting time, money and effort. Aim for a fully integrated funnel that keeps every team involved and updated so that you can be sure that everyone is always on the same page.

Embrace the multi-channel

B2B lead nurturing and multi-channel go hand in hand. When you are planning nationwide campaigns, you cannot afford to keep all of your efforts condensed into just one or two channels. Instead, you need a strategy that targets a wider audience, across a wider range of channels. Rather than simply blasting ads across every conceivable channel, however, take the time to research the channels that are currently working for your business. Use these numbers to plan a strategy that incorporates high-performing channels, and don’t forget about additional strategies such as personalisation and customisation to further improve your efforts.

Keep strategies scalable

Start small, but know when to grow. Keeping your campaigns scalable is important when you are planning campaigns across a larger geographic area. When you try to do too much at once, you run the risk of wasting your budgets and sabotaging your efforts. Investing in testing, lead scoring, and other strategies is a good way to constantly check that you are on the right track. This, in turn, will help you continue to plan and grow your strategies in a way that is achievable and designed for optimal growth.

Once you have a plan in mind, it will soon become far easier to kickstart your lead generation efforts, knowing that you are set for maximum growth.

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