How you nurture b2b leads will very often predict how effectively you bring in new business from b2b audiences. Whether you are aiming to get a lead nurturing strategy in place for your SaaS business, corporate travel company, office supply shop, design agency, or any other business, the b2b lead generation process comes with a unique set of challenges, strategies, and processes.

How to Nurture B2B Leads Effectively

How do you ensure that you stay on track and nurture b2b leads properly right from the start? Let’s take a look. Some things to keep in mind before you start to nurture b2b leads include the following dos and don’ts.

The right way to nurture leads

The most effective way to nurture leads for b2b campaigns is to get strategic.

Like with any other lead nurturing campaign, segmentation, personalisation, and lead scoring are all highly useful tools to use. Determining what qualifies as a genuine lead is essential to get results from your efforts. Who is responsible for purchasing decisions at the company you are targeting? What level of authority is required to move a cold lead up to a warm lead?

Once you know who should be qualified, you can move onto the next step – targeting your leads. Who is your target customer? What value are they seeking? What problems do they face? How can you solve these problems? From here, you can score your leads, and then create targeted messages designed to read your leads at each stage of their journey.

The wrong way to nurture leads

The worst way to approach the lead generation process is to treat b2b leads the same as b2c leads. Using the same strategy to reach two very different audiences is never a good idea. Instead, you will need to put in the time and effort to understand your audience to such a degree that you are able to identify the key challenges and opportunities, as well as the best way to nurture these leads.

Another mistake is to try and save time by having a one size fits all strategy that fails to segment, personalise or score. Even within the b2b market, and within your audience, you will have different stakeholders, different role players, and different audiences. Sending the exact same message to a marketing head, CEO, and office manager will end up having very little impact. Targeting each of these decision-makers properly, however, will likely yield very different results.

Done properly, a well-planned b2b lead generation strategy will be an extremely valuable sales tool. To avoid missing your mark when you nurture b2b leads, make sure that you stay clear of the above mistakes.

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