Are you using the current lockdown to focus on your digital marketing efforts? As uncertain and stressful as the COVID-19 crisis has been, quarantine can be a good time to adapt your business and explore growth opportunities. Many businesses across the country are still reeling from the effects of the lockdown. Some industries have faced a major, devastating impact – hospitality industries and other sectors dealing directly with customers especially. If you invest in digital marketing the cost of digital marketing is going to be significant compared to the advantages to be achieved.

Digital Marketing During COVID-19

While there is not much that individuals or businesses can do to fight this unprecedented global crisis besides staying safe and staying at home, lockdown can offer a pause that allows you to focus on your business. The effects of the pandemic are very likely going to change the world in many ways, as more and more businesses find new ways to move forward. Digital marketing is adapting at a rapid rate, providing a surprising number of opportunities for growth – during and after the crisis.

Some of the ways that digital marketing is already adapting during the coronavirus crisis and resulting lockdown include the following:

1. Customer service matters more than ever

Although customer service should have been at the forefront of your strategies right from the start, it has become more important than ever before. Businesses that were proactive, keeping customers in the loop as early as possible have found it far easier to ease customer worries. Make sure that customers know exactly what is happening, what your business is doing during the lockdown, how you are protecting customers and anything else customers need to know. Be crystal clear on your operating hours if you are still providing essential services. Be clear on closures if you will be pausing during the lockdown. Keep lines of communication open at all times.

2. Remote work is not going away any time soon

Remote work has become widespread across the globe, helping businesses to continue with minimal interruption. There is a very strong chance that remote work will continue, even after the crisis is over. Thanks to the rise of tools such as Zoom and other online meeting platforms, remote work is not only keeping workers safer – it is also lowering operational costs, improving employee retention, increasing productivity, and enabling global partnerships.

3. Customer engagement becomes multi-dimensional

Just as customer service has become paramount, customer engagement has also become more essential. Customers today have more ways of engaging with businesses than they have in the last decade. Social media has become more social than ever since lockdown began, with many audiences using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms as a way to communicate during the quarantine. You can leverage this by focusing your efforts on engaging content that encourages interaction. You can also make use of tools such as WhatsApp to assist customers in real-time.

Embracing Change With New Digital Marketing Strategies

The current lockdown and global impact of CV-19 are far-reaching and difficult to fully comprehend. One of the positive things to emerge from any crisis, however, is change. New technologies and strategies are opening up, as businesses around the world find new ways to connect to customers and grow their businesses.

Using this uncertain time to refine, reflect, and revamp your digital marketing strategies will help you navigate the stress and use it to grow your results.

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