For our love of data and reporting, we’ve decided to put together a COVID-19 Dashboard where you can view stats regarding the current epidemic.

The dashboard includes total cases, total deaths, total recovered, serious cases and total tests by country. It also displays the top 5 countries of confirmed cases which can be filtered to view recovered cases, tests and deaths. You can use the country filter at the top to view specific countries like South Africa or combine countries to see how one country stacks up with another. You can also view the top country cases, recoveries and deaths.

The data is pulled from and updated regularly.

Please share this along to stay updated on the latest stats about COVID-19.

Our Marketing Dashboards

Data is at its best when it is easily accessible and meaningful. With digital marketing, everything can and should be measured. This is true especially if you are running targeted digital marketing campaigns to improve your website traffic, leads and sales. Having access to this data can shape future decisions about your business and improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

As a 100% data-driven digital marketing agency, all the campaigns we plan and implement as well as the decisions we make are based on reliable and actionable data. Data stays data until you can process and make sense of it. That is where we come in. Our fully qualified Google Analytics team do this for a living and at the same time.

Custom Digital Marketing Dashboards

We create structured and focussed digital marketing dashboards from a variety of sources to help improve your current digital marketing campaigns and so that you can make informed decisions on any future campaigns. All of our reports are custom designed and can consist of multiple pages with an optimised structure.

Our custom digital marketing reports can be designed and built around the data you want to measure. This is ideal for departmental or management level reporting.

To view examples of the marketing dashboards we’ve built:

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