Ecommerce funnels take customers through various stages. These include awareness, consideration, decision, and retention. Marketing strategies are aligned in each stage to take the customer through the sales process seamlessly. Trying to push customers to make a purchase from the moment they arrive on your site will seldom result in a conversion. Instead, you need to keep each stage in mind throughout your strategy. In this guide, we take a look at how you can get the most from your ecommerce marketing funnels.

Getting More from Your Ecommerce Marketing Funnels

There are a few ways to improve your ecommerce marketing funnels, including the following:

1. Understand funnel stages

Having a clear understanding of each funnel stage is the first step. There are numerous campaigns to consider at each stage. As we mentioned above, expecting customers to instantly convert when they have only just arrived on your site is not going to bring you sales. Funnels are all about the customer journey. The awareness stage gives your customers their first look at your products and store. The consideration stage is when they compare products and stores to see which meets their needs. The decision stage is the moment that they decide whether or not to purchase. Finally, the retention stage focuses on whether the customer will return to your store again. Each stage is important.

2. Know your audience

To move your customers through your funnel, you need a very clear understanding of your audience. Who are your prospective customers? What are their pain points? How do they find your store? What factors influence their decisions? What digital marketing channels do they use the most? The more you know about your audience, the more easily you will be able to craft campaigns for each funnel stage.

3. Create a solid strategy

Your ecommerce strategy should be fine-tuned and focused specifically on each funnel stage. It should also include a bigger picture of your primary goals. Each funnel stage will include numerous campaigns, from paid advertising campaigns to build awareness to retargeting and lead generation to help customers consider their options before making a purchase and email marketing campaigns to help them make that decision. Your retention strategies may include loyalty and other campaigns that bring customers back.

Improving Your Ecommerce Marketing Funnels

Once you have your funnel in place, it will become much easier to create highly targeted strategies designed to reach customers at every stage in their journey. This makes ecommerce marketing funnels a highly valuable tool to attract (and keep) customers.

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