Trust signals play an important role in ecommerce marketing. These take many forms, from reviews and testimonials to about pages, website trust badges, fair policies, and any other factor that demonstrates trust. When customers arrive at your store, there are a few things that they will look for right away. They won’t just take your word that you can be trusted – they need to see proof that other customers trust you as well. They may visit your about page to find out more about your store. They may read reviews and testimonials that feature real customer names. They may view your social channels. They will view your policies on shipping and returns. They will check your overall rating and maybe look you up in a search engine to see if anyone is talking about your store.

In the highly competitive ecommerce marketing space, no store can afford to overlook the importance of these trust signals.

The Importance of Trust Signals in Ecommerce Marketing

Why are trust signals so important in ecommerce marketing? For starters, trust signals…

Provide peace of mind

The primary goal of any online store is to give customers peace of mind before they make a purchase. If customers do not feel comfortable, they are unlikely to make that purchase. Some might add products to their cart, only to leave and never come back. Others may browse a few items then leave, never to be seen again. To shop online, customers have to feel comfortable that you can be trusted with their money. Failing to provide this peace of mind results in lost sales.

Promote customer loyalty

When customers feel safe and comfortable shopping at your store, the opposite happens. Sales are far more likely and carts are not abandoned as often. Trust leads to loyalty. Giving customers an experience that shows that you are fully transparent and committed to good service is everything. Customers will want to come back if they know that they can safely shop. The more they know your store – the shop itself and the people running it – the more chance you have of repeat customers. You also have a far higher chance of life-long customers.

Enhance reputation

That brings us to our last point. Only with trust and loyalty can you grow your reputation. Poor reviews, lack of transparency, no policies displayed, and other red flags will lead to a poor reputation. There will be more bad reviews, on social media and search engines. There will be word-of-mouth comments, too. People will avoid your store like the plague. A good reputation means happy customers who sing your praises. It means good reviews from people who genuinely love your store. It means a stronger chance of ranking well in SERPs. It also means increased customer retention rates.

Increasing Trust in Ecommerce Marketing

Trust should already be a part of your strategies. Make sure that you have clear trust signals in mind when planning and perfecting your ecommerce marketing strategies to build trust on a deeper level.

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