If you’re looking for a way to engage with your audience on a far deeper level, neuromarketing can be an excellent tool for lead generation.

This approach applies to the physiological and neural factors that provide insight into customer motivations, preferences, and decisions. Unlike more clear-cut metrics such as clicks, likes, sign-ups, and follows, it can be much harder to measure emotional response. Neuromarketing aims to solve this challenge. It blends marketing and neuroscience, and it has been developed through technology designed to measure neurological responses that could indicate emotional responses in marketing.

Stepping away from the science behind neuromarketing, there’s a lot that we can learn from this approach when it comes to lead generation strategies. When emotional response forms a strong part of campaigns, you have a much higher rate of reaching people on an emotional level. This can have a big impact on conversion.

Neuromarketing and Lead Generation Strategies

How exactly can neuromarketing help you improve your lead generation strategies? As we mentioned already, the biggest benefit is that it allows you to engage on an emotional level with your audience. This goes far beyond human-centered marketing campaigns. It enables you to tell stories that resonate with potential customers. It helps you improve your overall strategies by triggering emotions that increase conversion. It can even help you constantly tweak and improve your campaigns across the board.

You don’t have to invest in complex, expensive neuromarketing technology to see these benefits. Even though research plays a major role in the development of this approach, elements can be incorporated in a way that simply puts emotional response top of mind.

Here are some of the ways that you can trigger an emotional response within your lead generation strategies and campaigns.

Create the illusion of scarcity

This is by no means a new concept. What does scarcity work so well in marketing, and especially lead generation, though? It comes down to how the human brain works. There is a perception of value when only a few opportunities, products, or offers are available. Leads are far more likely to take action quickly, to avoid missing out. This ties in very closely with FOMO. If there is an added element of competition (getting in there before others grab the last copy of your free ebook, for example), FOMO increases, and the power of scarcity grows even more. In some cases, if there is a limited-time offer, leads are more likely to tell friends who are interested in what you are offering.

You can create the illusion of scarcity by offering a limited release of your lead magnet. If you are hosting an exclusive webinar, you can offer a limited number of seats, with prices available at a lower price for a limited time only.

Make use of free offers

Every single person on the planet gets excited about free offers. The secret to this is not only giving away things for anything in return but to rather offer an exchange. If leads feel that they are getting something for free with just a small action required, they are more likely to perceive value in the free offer. This is why the tried-and-tested classic lead magnets are such a hugely valuable tool in lead generation. When potential customers are given a free resource that adds genuine value, they will want to take action to receive the free offer. They are unlikely to give away information to receive a freebie that offers little to no value, however.

If you are using free offers in your campaigns, always make sure that you put effort into crafting valuable, relevant offers. People love free things and words like free trigger an instant response in the brain’s pleasure centre. This can increase the risk of fast subconcious thinking. But providing something free that ends up serving little to no benefit can end up putting your business in a poor light.

Utilise the power of groupthink

Herd mentality is a thing. It is why many big brands have grown a cult-like following for decades. When a lot of people own something and talking about it often, others are more likely to want to own that thing, too. It can be a physical thing or something less tangible. In lead generation, optimising for herd mentality can be done through social proof. You want people talking about your products or services. You can have a fantastic landing page that outlines how your offer can solve problems. But that will not have the same emotional response as having other people talk about how the offer has solved their problems.

Buyer personas are a great way to create personalised profiles for your target audience. These personas can target your audience in a more focused way. Make it as easy as possible for previous customers to leave feedback. Use social media campaigns to add some hype, using hashtags and user-generated reviews or even product show and tell.

Try smart price framing

There are a few ways that this can be done and numerous reasons why it works. One way to frame prices is to go with the low cost, best value cost, and high-cost approach. If this is done with a feature comparison, you will be able to frame your most popular package more favourably. You could think of this as a win-win for leads and your business. Leads get a high-value option that helps them save without missing out on pro benefits. You get a much higher chance of sealing the deal. When customers feel that they are getting a good offer, they are less likely to bolt. This helps to increase your chance of a conversion.

Another strategy to frame prices or show value can seem a little risky. It can deliver excellent results, however. Comparing two products or services – a cheaper one and one with a much higher price tag can encourage purchases. A more expensive model gives leads a reference point on value. If you promote either the cheaper product on its own or the expensive product on its own, you are not giving that reference point. Leads may immediately dismiss the expensive product as too much or the cheaper product as poor quality.

Lead Generation and Neuromarketing

Just like any other lead nurturing strategy, you don’t have to change your entire approach to get the benefits of neuromarketing. The most effective solution for any strategy is to incorporate tools that add value to your campaigns. By keeping the importance of emotional response at the back of your mind when planning your strategies, you can create lead generation strategies that add genuine value to your audience.

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