The boom in ecommerce marketing over the last few years is a big indication that the online retail space is rapidly expanding. Coupled with the closure of many large retail chains, this could be a big sign that ecommerce is slowly taking over physical stores. Will ecommerce eventually replace traditional retail, however? And what role does ecommerce play in the steady shift to a simpler, virtual way for consumers to shop?

Could Ecommerce Overtake Physical Stores?

Although ecommerce is certainly taking favour over physical stores in many ways, traditional retail still plays a big role. Rather than seeing it from a ‘one or the other’ perspective, it is better considered as two separate retail channels that each serve specific needs and audiences. Numerous factors determine consumer behaviour, from socio-economic to location, behaviour, preferences, and even factors such as trust.

Convenience is another factor, with shopping centres, supermarkets, small cafes, and delis still offering customers a quick way to stock up on goods without having to wait on delivery.

Ecommerce marketing was developed to help increase the adoption rate of online shopping, greatly contributing to the change in how consumers shop. But, while a huge number of people prefer to open an app or browser to buy their favourite products, others prefer to see, touch and browse products in person. The rise of click and mortar stores takes advantage of these preferences by offering customers the best of both worlds.

Done properly, ecommerce marketing should help to create a seamless shopping experience for customers. Whether you have an online and physical store or you sell online exclusively, your primary goal is to make it easy for customers to find what they need and make purchases with minimal barriers.

If you have an online and physical presence, you need to provide a cohesive experience that allows customers to enjoy the same level of quality and service, whether shopping online or in-store.

Ecommerce Marketing and Traditional Retail

Traditional retail is not going away. That’s not to say that ecommerce won’t change the in-store shopping model, though. As shoppers have more choice than ever before, both online and physical stores are consistently looking at more strategies that help them stay ahead of the competition. New technologies continue to emerge, changing all aspects of retail for the better.

One thing is for sure – ecommerce marketing provides one of the most efficient ways to deliver a world-class online shopping experience.

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