SEO copywriting is designed to help you improve your on-site as well as off-site content in a way that makes it easier than ever for search engines to crawl your content. Simply put, it acts as a blueprint, working along with your meta data, links and other optimisation strategies to provide a cohesive message.

Despite the obvious benefits that SEO content offers, a number of businesses are not utilising any sort of optimised content on their websites and blogs. Worse still, website owners are opting to do their own Search Engine Optimisation writing, leading to keyword stuffing and other less-than-ideal practices.

Why exactly is it so important to invest in professional SEO copywriting? And, more importantly, what benefits does it offer?

Why invest in SEO copywriting?

Some of the biggest reasons to consider working with a dedicated SEO copywriting expert, or a digital agency that offers this service, include the following:

It helps you increase traffic

Above all else, SEO content is designed to make your blog and website be found easily online. This is not purely due to keywords, although those play an important role. The big difference between keyword stuffing and an organic SEO approach is that natural, easy to reach content is not only useful for being found in search engines – it is also useful to those who read it after landing on your pages. Small, but often forgotten details such as meta titles, and descriptions also help, along with headers and internal links. A good copywriter will bring it all together in a way that is easy for search engines and readers to grasp.

It increases conversion rates

That brings us to our next point. If content is not crafted in a way that engages readers, you lose out on any chance you may have to convert. This is one of the biggest dangers of DIY content without a solid understanding of SEO. By trying to force keywords into content, it comes across as awkward, clumsy and hard to read. Even if you do head ahead in the SERPs, you may well find that your bounce rates remain high. If the content has been written in a way that does not obviously seem to be targeting any given phrase, you get the benefit of ranking AND conversion, which is always a win.

It ties in with your on-site SEO efforts

Finally, content marketing goes hand in hand with any other on-site strategies you may have. Content that is the right length, rich in keywords (without going overboard), easy to read, containing headers, links, alt text, correct image titles, correct meta data and genuinely useful to readers will always help. Just like you may not get anywhere if one or more on-site elements is missing, you likely won’t get very far if your content is not optimised sufficiently.

All in all, SEO content is an investment that offers real value to businesses of all sizes. If you would like to know more about the SEO copywriting services offered at Open Circle Solutions, leave a comment below or send us your details on Get Started to have someone get back to you.

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