Lead generation for ecommerce can be confusing, especially when compared to ecommerce marketing. If you were wondering whether you needed a separate strategy for nurturing leads and marketing your online store, you may assume that these two strategies are much the same.

In reality, although they share some things in common, they are two very different sides of the same coin.

Lead Generation vs Ecommerce Marketing

Before we do a quick comparison to see how each differs, it is always useful to understand why a holistic approach is almost always the best option. In today’s highly competitive world, smaller etailers are struggling to hold their own against ecommerce giants. It has become tougher than ever to stay ahead of competitors without getting lost in a sea of online stores. Luckily, there are a few tricks that you can keep up your sleeve. Both ecommerce marketing and lead generation offer just the right types of tricks that help you stay ahead of your competition.

Here’s a quick look at how lead generation compares to ecommerce marketing:

For your lead generation strategy

  • Unique lead forms or landing pages are created.
  • Leads are captured, scored and nurtured.
  • The entire process is usually automated.

For your Ecommerce marketing strategy

  • The focus is on the product rather than the lead.
  • Conversion rate optimisation and various other strategies are used.
  • Customers are encouraged back to the site if they leave before making a purchase.

Which is best for your online store? Both of these strategies can be effective, but you will need to use each one carefully according to your goals.

You could create a lead nurturing strategy to develop a mailing list, for example. In order to do this, you would create a landing page, which allows you to capture leads. From there, you can score leads, focusing on those that are most likely to convert into customers. These warm leads can then be taken through a sales funnel that is designed to maximise conversion.

Your ecommerce marketing strategy, on the other hand, includes a wide range of strategies that increase sales, boost customer experience, increase spend, encourage customer retention, and help you grow your store holistically. These strategies may include email marketing along with SEO, social media, content, and online advertising.

Used individually, both of these strategies have a number of benefits that help you get ahead. Used together, as part of your broader digital marketing efforts, the combination of ecommerce marketing and lead generation is more powerful than you could ever imagine.

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