If you have been wondering how to achieve holistic SEO results, you may already know that Search Engine Optimisation has evolved to be far more than just a single strategy. Rather, SEO has become a sum of digital marketing parts, used as part of a greater cross channel marketing strategy.

How to Ensure Holistic SEO Results

At its heart, SEO has become a way to increase traffic, grow online presence and attract leads. Not too long ago, it was all about bringing as many people to your website as possible. Today, it is about bringing the right people to your website in a way that not only gets them there but also keeps them there and converts them into customers.

With that in mind, the first step in getting the best SEO results is ensuring that you have a holistic strategy in place.

Some of the ways that you can ensure that your SEO results offer genuine, holistic value include the following:

1. Address your audience’s needs

Your primary goal should be to address your audience’s needs. To get this right, it is worth considering what Google calls micro-moments. These moments include I want-to-know moments, I want-to-go moments, I want-to-do moments, and I want-to-buy moments. With the constant move towards Google’s Mobile First era, it is more important than ever that your website is geared towards real life searches rather than obvious keywords that are not need-driven. This helps your content be found easily in a way that also adds genuine value to those who find you online.

2. Provide a seamless brand experience

SEO ranking evolves all the time. You can no longer stuff your pages full of keywords, add in some on-site elements and hope for the best. The number of things that are taken into account during the ranking process changes all the time. Online reviews, star ratings, reputation, social media presence, blog posts, NAP listings, and many other factors are all taken into account. Essentially, the more seamless the experience is for your audience, the more likely you will get ahead in the SERPs.

3. Focus on quality rather than traffic

One of the biggest SEO mistakes made is focusing on traffic as a metric rather than leads and engagement. Although traffic plays one part of the ranking process, search engines use many other factors to determine page ranking. Poor quality websites that are not designed with humans in mind, not mobile-friendly and not able to provide quality content will not be seen in the same way as well-designed, optimised websites that provide consistent, well-crafted content.

When you keep the bigger picture in mind while fine-tuning and executing your strategies, you will soon start to see the impact that a holistic approach has on your SEO results.

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