How much of a role does social media play within your broader ecommerce marketing strategy? If you are still treating social as an afterthought, it is time to take a good look at the social channels that seem to be driving growth.

Although you will not always see big numbers in every single channel, even focusing on just one channel can help you drive more awareness and sales within a multichannel ecommerce marketing strategy.

Using Social Media in Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

There are a few ways that you can drive traffic and grow your following when using social media as part of your broader ecommerce marketing strategy. Some of the most useful ways to bring social media into your wider strategy include the following:


Facebook and Twitter have both begun to make use of video in many ways over the years, with features such as Facebook Live offering plenty of ways to stream updates in real-time. YouTube remains a popular tool across many demographics and industries. The trick to making video work for your online store is to use it wisely. Rather than try and plug products, think out of the box and aim to offer videos that add genuine value. Well-planned how-tos, fun product demonstrations, related lifestyle segments, and entertaining viral videos can all be highly effective.


Messaging has become a common way for audiences to interact with brands. Although you could set up an automated response that directs followers to your email address, this can end up affecting your conversion rates and even your brand perception. Instead, aim to respond to messages quickly and politely. If simple questions can be answered via chat, then try to respond within the message. You could even save time and create a few response templates if you frequently get similar questions relating to products or order processes.


Finally, it goes without saying that good old-fashioned engagement plays a huge role not only in your conversion but also your brand perception. That means responding to every comment or question on any post that you share or create. It also means taking the time to like and engage content shared by others in your network. Etailers require trust in order to set customer minds at rest. Engagement is one of the best ways to begin building trust. When customers see that you take the time to respond genuinely, there is a huge chance to build relationships that relate to bigger and more regular purchases over time.

Take time to work on your social media platforms and you will start to see how much value it adds to your ecommerce marketing efforts.

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