Ecommerce marketing and lead nurturing often go hand in hand. Both typically share the same goal – converting your audience into customers. B2C lead generation uses a number of strategies that are designed to target customers at every point in the sales cycle.

Knowing how to take your customer from browsing to checkout comes down to knowing how to nurture the relationship at every turn. Once you start to nurture your leads, it will become a lot easier to plan an ecommerce marketing strategy that generates sales.

Using Lead Nurturing in Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Wondering how to integrate lead nurturing within your ecommerce marketing strategy? For starters, here are a few tips to help you get the most from your B2C lead generation.

Provide genuine value to customers

Unlike B2B leads, B2C leads typically have a shorter sales cycle that does not require a longer decision-making process. An ecommerce shopper will often make decisions based on the impression that is made from the moment they arrive at your store. The more value you are able to add, the more likely you will be to build trust as well as engagement. This, in turn, helps to increase conversion. Look at creating useful content around your products, on your blog as well as your social, email, and mobile campaigns.

Entice customers with discounts and exclusive offers

First purchase discounts, friend referral coupons, limited time promotions, birthday discounts, and other exclusive offers will all help to encourage customers to complete their purchase. This can be very useful as part of your abandoned cart strategy as well as for first-time shoppers that may require a bit more trust-building.

Consider remarketing, cross-selling and upselling

For customers who are returning to your store, remarketing is a fantastic tool. Other useful strategies that work particularly well for email lead nurturing campaigns include cross-selling and upselling. These can be done in conjunction with segmented lists for even more targeted results. You could promote items that have been typically sold together or those that have been recently viewed online.

Aim for a cross-channel strategy

Ideally, the best approach is a cross-channel strategy that incorporates high-performing channels. When you are able to target customers with social media ads or posts, email, mobile, content, SEO, SEM, and various other strategies, you have the best chance at nurturing your ecommerce leads holistically. This is, without a doubt, the most effective way to reap the rewards offered by lead generation.

Try these ideas and you should start to see results in your ecommerce marketing efforts.

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