Google snippets are an excellent way to improve your SEO results. In the highly competitive SERPs, it’s not always as easy as it seems to get your content in that converted top-of-page spot, however. Snippets are displayed above search results. They are pulled from highly relevant pages and articles that are closely related to search terms. Snippets are pulled from Google itself. This means that you cannot directly claim this position. You can, however, improve your chances of being featured, increasing your SEO results in the process.

Boosting Your SEO Results with Google Snippets

Here are a few tips to help you boost your SEO results with Google snippets.

Competitor research

SEO is all about competition. In the SERPs, you are constantly vying for the top spot. If your business falls within a fairly small or untapped niche, you will have a much better chance of being featured. If your industry is larger, competition is bigger. Competitor research offers a way to see what your competitors are doing. You will be able to identify keywords they may be using and get a deeper insight into their content and results.

Quality content

While we’re mentioning content, it goes without saying that this plays a major role in ranking. For Snippets, you need content that is extremely relevant to search terms. People who are looking for cloud-based calendar tools, for instance, will expect to quickly find information without having to go further into their search. Website and blog content that provides genuinely useful information on cloud-based calendars have a better chance of being featured. This could include tips on choosing calendars, tips on using calendars, and anything else that adds value.

FAQ pages

FAQ pages have many benefits for SEO. Using real-time questions that people are asking in search engines and other channels is essential. Rather than guessing, make use of tools such as that produce questions. You can also use questions you are asked by your own customers. From there, you can create a dedicated FAQ page or even a resource centre. You can add primary topics using strong keywords, with questions within each topic. Bulleted lists and short answers work very well for snippets.

Getting the Most from Your SEO Results

Once you begin to make use of the tips above, you will start to slowly see a difference. You may not automatically be featured, but, over time, you will notice better SEO results.

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